When Fashion Goes Zozo Gonzo

You might not heard of a Japanese businessman named Yusaku Maezawa, but he is making some gonzo waves in the fashion world. Maezawa is a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur and art collector who founded Start Today in 1998 and then launched the online fashion retail website Zozotown. More than 1 million people in Japan have used his unique Zozo suit to get exact measurements of their body.


Once their measurements have been captured on their smartphone, customers can use the precise measurements to order customized clothing that is individually produced for their exact proportions.


The Zozo suit has launched in 72 countries, and has the potential to upend many aspects of the fashion industry. Maezawa is not only the founder of this unique company, but he is a passionate user of the Zozo system.


“I have every single Zozo item, in every colour,” he says. “Actually, I can’t wear any other denim now because these fit me so perfectly. I’m quite short compared to average sizes, so it has always been difficult to find a perfect fit. It’s something that’s bothered me for a long time. I realised that if I was having trouble finding perfectly fitting clothing, then many others must have the same problem.”

How popular does he envision that the Zozo suit will become?

“I’m hoping to target as many people as there are in the world: six or seven billion,” he says. “I want the idea of ordering bespoke online clothing to become part of the infrastructure of daily life, just like electricity, water, gas.”


If you’d like to order your own Zozo suit, they are now available in the US. Just head over to their site (https://zozo.com/us/en/signup).


Once you get your suit in the mail, you will need to download the app that will take your measurements.


Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zozo.pb&hl=en_US

Apple – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zozo-custom-fit-clothing/id1403642582?mt=8


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If you try the Zozo suit, be sure to let us know how you look in your new Zozo threads!