3 Big Tips to Prevent Shrinking Clothes

It’s no secret you probably spend a great deal of time picking out your clothes. Your clothes help you express who you are, they help people gain a first impression of you, and they can make you feel powerful or uncomfortable. Like it or not, clothing is a huge part of our lives, and there’s no sense in taking the … Read More

Fabric Care Secrets for the Fashion Savvy

Just like everywhere else in the world, USA’s clothing manufacturing industry is required by law to attach a care label on the garment. The purpose of this care label is to ensure that: care label Consumers know the method and cost of caring for that garment Dry-cleaning service can confidently care for garments Garment isn’t damaged by inappropriate care Understanding … Read More

Removing Stains from polyester and Nylon clothing – The Right Way!

Stain removal is an essential part of clothing care. Quick and on-the-spot stain removal is effective. It keeps clothes in wearable condition for longer, reducing unnecessary clothing costs. There are some stains that are difficult to remove; similarly certain fabrics require different stain removal and care procedures. Whether a garment should be dry cleaned or not is another matter to … Read More