Tips to prevent fading clothes

When you pick out a new item of clothing to try, there are a few things you might consider: the current season, the fit of the piece of clothing on you, the style and the color. You spend time making sure your outfits accurately represent you and give a great first impression.

After you’ve taken the time to choose clothes that have designs or colors that help you feel your best, the last thing you want is them fading. Faded clothes can make you look less put together, and it’s a waste of your money.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to prevent clothing fading for you!

Three tips to prevent clothing fading:

Air dry your clothes
Drying your clothes is harsh, and is one of the main reasons you will see your clothes fade over time. To help, you can always turn to air drying your clothing. Invest in a clothes line or an indoor drying rack, but this may make doing large amounts of drying at once (something that will help with your energy conservation) difficult as you may run out of space. And, obviously, it will take longer to dry your clothes, even if you invest in a fan to help speed the process along.

Separate your clothes
You should separate your clothes based on both color and the type of fabric/washing and dying instructions that clothing might have. For example, you should always separate your clothes by blacks, whites and colored clothing to prevent color fading or any outright color changes (I once turned all my white clothes pink because a red sock slipped through).

Turn all your clothes inside out
We know you probably grew up with plenty of exasperated sighs and lectures from your mother reminding you to take your clothes off right side out. It’s such a pain to take the time to turn everything around during the folding process, so we can understand. However, washing and drying is tough on your clothes. By turning your clothes inside out, you can prevent wear and tear or pilling on the front of your clothing, which contributes to fading. Additionally, if you decide to air dry your clothes as we’ve suggested, you should turn them inside out to prevent the sun fading them.

Taking great care of your clothes takes time – and a lot of it. It’s easy to understand why many of these steps get skipped because they could easily add another hour or two onto your regular laundering routine.

That’s we’re here! Our laundry and cleaning experts have over 20 years of experience in how to properly wash, dry and fold clothing to prevent common issues like clothes shrinking or clothes fading. To top it all off, we can pick your clothes up and drop them off at times and locations most convenient to you.