Removing Stains from polyester and Nylon clothing – The Right Way!

Stain removal is an essential part of clothing care. Quick and on-the-spot stain removal is effective. It keeps clothes in wearable condition for longer, reducing unnecessary clothing costs.

There are some stains that are difficult to remove; similarly certain fabrics require different stain removal and care procedures.

Whether a garment should be dry cleaned or not is another matter to consider.

care label- dry clean tipsCLOTHING CARE LABEL
Clothing manufacturers are required to share recommended care procedure of a garment. The care label can be found on the neckline or seam of clothing.

Reading this label will let you know if a particular fabric can be washed. Look out for warnings such as “don’t use chlorine bleach” or “dry clean only”.

This is the reason why you wash your wool sweaters by hand and take your tailored wool garments to the dry cleaners. Clothes manufacturers are turning to synthetic materials like nylon and polyester to make everyday clothes.

Such materials are often added into non-synthetic fabrics to improve durability. What about care of polyester and nylon? How will you remove stains effectively without ruining these fabrics?

These two fabrics are considerably easier to handle than others. The same rule applies to synthetic clothing as other fabrics, i.e. stain removal is most effective before the stain has a chance to set. Take a look at the following general instructions.

Polyester and nylon fabric can be:dry cleaning tip

Dry cleaned in any solvent
Washed using permanent press cycles (if washable)
Machine dried using medium to low temperatures

Precautions that should be noted:

Synthetic fabrics are heat sensitive and can be ruined by hot irons and high drying temperatures
Synthetic fabrics can easily discolor and show perspiration stains
Sunlight can fade bright colors easily

An Additional Tip

The arrival of synthetic fabrics in the clothing world was celebrated by manufacturers and consumers due to its incredible and economical benefits.

There is however one disadvantage. Oil stains are difficult to remove from synthetic fabric since water and oil-based stains don’t mix well. Dry cleaning might be your only option as the process uses little to no water. Can polyester be dry cleaned? Yes, and it should if you have an oil-based stain! Consult your clothing care label symbols and clothing care label requirements and you will see that dry cleaning is a good option.

So what do you do if you get an oil-based stain on your new polyester shirt? Hand the garment to First Dry Cleaner! Learn more about our convenient laundry pickup and delivery service.