It’s True – Every Girl’s Still Crazy About A Sharp Dressed Man!

Believe it or not, ZZ Top just announced plans for their 50th anniversary tour.
It seems like some things never go out of style!

Their beards are a little bit grey now,
but here they are still rocking out with “Sharp Dressed Man”.

Interestingly, many of their fashion recommendations have also stood the test of time:

Clean shirt, new shoe, silk suit, black tie, gold watch, diamond ring, cufflinks, stick pin,
top coat, top hat, black shades, white gloves. It’ true – every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man!

While great fashion never goes out of style, one thing that is new in the last 50 years is Pinterest!

Here’s a really great Pinterest board with hundreds of fashion examples for you or the sharp dressed man in you life:



Another thing that’s new is the First Dry Clean app!
It’s like an Uber for your clothes. Just click the app, and the friendly First Dry Clean drivers will come to your location, pick up, clean and then return your favorite threads in record time!

Currently available in the greater Charlotte, NC area – try the First Dry Clean app today.

There’s even a $10 coupon available for first time users.

Now you can be a sharp dressed man every day of the week!