How Often Should You Really Dry Clean Your Suit?

If you own a suit, you know the best thing to do when it needs to be cleaned is to ship it off to the dry cleaners.

Most men do not wear suits often enough to warrant frequent cleanings, particularly because they don’t get dirty easily either. So how do you know when it’s time to dry clean your suit?

Knowing when your suit is dirty enough to take to the cleaners isn’t exactly a scientific method.

Generally, if you’ve managed to get a big, stubborn stain, or even a few small ones, it’s apparent that you should be handing it over to a dry cleaning service the first chance you get.

As an alternative to dry cleaning suits, you can spot clean. It’s a good idea to try your hand at spot cleaning first and see if you can get the job done yourself. The stench of an unappealing odor is also a good way to tell your suit can be sent for cleaning, particularly if airing it out isn’t working to remove the smell.


Whether you are a frequent wearer of suits, or just don them for the occasional formal dinner party, tips on how to keep them clean can come in handy.

Try not wear one suit too often, rotating your suits so as to not wear out one in a short amount of time. Once you are done wearing a particular suit, brush it out in order to clear it off any dirt or other particles that may be clinging to the surface. Use a wooden hanger and let it air out for a day or so once you have worn it to an event. When you are ready to store it inside your closet for the next time you wear it, cover it up with a garment bag to give it maximum protection while still giving it room to breathe.

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