Fabric Care Secrets for the Fashion Savvy

Just like everywhere else in the world, USA’s clothing manufacturing industry is required by law to attach a care label on the garment. The purpose of this care label is to ensure that:
care label

Consumers know the method and cost of caring for that garment
Dry-cleaning service can confidently care for garments
Garment isn’t damaged by inappropriate care
Understanding the symbols is the first step towards taking better care of all your garments, irrespective of the fabric.

Take a look at the following wash care symbols that detail how your garment should be washed:

Judging from the guide, it’s safe to ascertain why every type of fabric requires a special care routine.

This can make laundry (if done at home) incredibly complicated, taking into account the different fabrics in our closets. Below is a list of common fabrics along with their proper care.

Open your closet and sift through your clothes. You have quite a bit of polyester made clothes? As one of the most common and popular machine made fibers, it’s surprising. Polyester can be easily washed in your machine without any issue. For oil-based stains however, it’s ideal to take items to the dry cleaners.


Polyester garments should be dried on low settings. Creases can be ironed (if needed) using a moderately warm iron.

This fabric is highly versatile and doesn’t typically require specialized care. Most cotton made garments are already pre-treated and shrunk. Wash the clothes keeping the color-fastness rule in mind, i.e. bold colors should not be washed with whites. Most detergents with fabric softeners actually cause existing stains to set in fast!

This fabric boasts of an incredible breathable and lightweight texture. Ideal for warm days, linen sees more perspiration stains than any other. As far as washing linen is concerned, some blends can be easily washed in your machine although ironing will be difficult. Send your linen garments to the dry cleaners to prolong its look and feel.

care label 2

This fabric shares some characteristics with cotton and linen when it comes to comfort and texture. Rayon garments can get even more comfortable over time, with use and wear! Dry cleaning is required to prevent shrinkage. Can rayon be dry cleaned? Absolutely!


Hand washing in lukewarm to cool water is suggested if garment has intricate draping or is special. Wet items should be hung without twisting or wringing.

It doesn’t matter what fabric your garment is made from… always check the attached care label symbols when thinking along the lines of, “should I wash at home or send to the dry-cleaners?” Chances are, sending to the dry-cleaners is the better alternative. Take a look at our dry cleaning pricing.