Do You Have the Fabulous Fashion Habit?

If you have ever seen movies from the 1950s or 60s, it’s always incredible how well-dressed everyone seems! The men all have crisp clean suits, and the women walk down the street in beautiful dresses.

Why is that? Were clothes cheaper? No, not really. Did people have more money? No, we are richer today than ever before. So why did everyone walk around looking so fashionable? It’s because they had the Fabulous Fashion Habit!

Even going to the airport was a chance for sporting some glamourous looks. If you have seen Mad Men, then you may remember this classic business trip. I don’t know about you – but this fashion style is not very visible when going through Charlotte Douglas International these days.

Take the Charlotte 14 Day Fabulous Fashion Challenge
If you are ready to step your fashion game then consider taking our 14 Day Fabulous Fashion Challenge, and build your new Fashion Habit. What does it take to build the Fashion Habit? It’s not easy – but it’s certainly doable: 14 days in a row of dressing as your most fabulous self. Why 14 days? Research suggests that if you can get a 14 day streak for any new habit, then you are on your way to permanently forming that habit!



As this chart shows, the first 3 days of habit formation are always the hardest – so to get started with your new fashion habit, plan to dress things up for just three days in a row! No matter how badly you’ve been dressing lately, you can manage to step things up for the next three days!

Then settle in for the next 5 days of fabulousness. Then finish strong with 6 days of sartorial satisfaction. If you stick with this easy to follow 3-5-6 plan then you be well on your way to 14 Days of Fabulous Fashion Habit Formation, and will reach a whole other level of fashion and style. Who knows – you might even be mistaken for a famous movie star!

What if you have trouble forming habits and sticking with the plan? Fortunately, there are now many great apps for creating habits.



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Let us know how you do with your new 14 Day Fabulous Fashion Habit!