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In this day and age, lines are blurred. A few years ago, men wouldn’t have considered wearing their ‘work shirts’ to formal events or vice versa. Today, there isn’t much difference between both garments.

Call them what you like, but shirts are meant to be worn, not worshipped or displayed in your closet. This garment will get dirty. There are two options when the unthinkable happens: take your work shirts to the dry cleaners or wash the garment at home. But, should you be dry cleaning men's dress shirts?

Wash at Home vs. Dry Cleaning Service – Which Is The Better Option?


High cost of dry cleaning is what prompts many individuals to turn towards washing their clothes at home, even when managing a grueling nine-to-five job. But, should you dry clean dress shirts, or should you launder them?

Is this option truly beneficial for your clothes? Apart from the time and effort you will spend on washing your own dress and work shirts, there is also the question of not having done the job right. Following are some difficult to remove stains that require more than a simple wash and air-dry method:

  • Grease
  • Blood
  • Wine
  • Lipstick
  • Ink

Does dry cleaning remove stains? Yes! Besides not having the necessary tools to remove the above stains, homeowners are liable to make damaging mistakes such as:

Rubbing Stains Furiously

Furious rubbing of stains can possibly damage the fabric and make the stain worse. Instead, gentle and methodical cleaning is required when dealing with a delicate material. Treating any stain as soon as possible (before it can set) is a good idea, although sometimes impossible to achieve.

Washing Everything Together

Taking care of a home as well as a demanding nine-to-five job? You may want to chuck everything in the washer on laundry day and get done with this chore. Should you do it? No. Color from bright and bold shirts can bleed onto the white and neutral ones. Not to mention it’s unsanitary to wash your bath towels with your work shirts.

Using Too Much Detergent

There is a misconception regarding detergent use and washing. Too much bleach or detergent is often used thinking it will clean clothes better. Not only will too much detergent wear out your washing machine, but the clothes will take more cycles to wash properly.

This is one reason why people hate laundry day. The chore takes up precious time. Make your life easy; call First Dry Clean today. Based in Charlotte, NC, we also offer laundry pickup service.

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