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laundry-and-dry-cleaning-1You know you need to do your laundry and dry cleaning when you’re down to your last pair of underwear. But how do you take out the time from your busy schedule to wash your clothes when you don’t even have enough time to scratch your head?

For that, First Dry Clean has come up with a solution, your very own dry cleaning app!

And to let you know how amazing this dry cleaning app is, we are going to list some benefits to let you understand the full uses of it.

Benefits of an Online Laundry Service App

1. Save Time to do your laundry and dry cleaning

We understand how annoying it can be to take the time out of your day, just so you can drop off your laundry. This is why we offer pick-up and delivery laundry services for all customers using the First Dry Clean app. Whether it’s your office, dorm or place of residence, First Dry Clean will reach your given address and pick your laundry up in due time.

2.Range in Dry Cleaning & Laundry

You can’t very well chuck your tennis shoes in with your beloved fragile pair of jeans when they’re dirty.

However, if you use the First Dry Clean app, all you’ll have to do is mark down the items in the order section of our app and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer a range of dry cleaning services for different items such as clothing, household items and even shoes, so you can use the opportunity to have other items from your home cleaned as well.

3.Environment-Friendly Option

Surprised? Don’t be!

When you count your regular routine of washing your clothes or having it dry cleaned, you don’t count the various factors that damage our environment. The excess gas that is wasted during your trip, not to mention the detergent and water that is used to wash your clothes, all in some way do their part in damaging the environment. However, by using First Dry Clean, you do a small part in helping the environment.

laundry-and-dry-cleaning2Download First Dry Clean-your personal Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Free to download and easy to use; First Dry Clean is a great little app that is a must-have for everyone who doesn’t have the time or the energy to do laundry.

Download the app today and give us your order! Benefit from our affordable prices!

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