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Is that huge, dirty pile of laundry giving you jitters? Does the stack just keep growing? If you feel this way, you are not alone! Doing laundry can prove to be one of the most tedious and boring tasks.

Here are some laundry hacks that can help you cruise through it quickly:

Laundry Sorting – It Does Help

For some, sorting clothes at the time of laundry is a great hassle. This problem, however, can be easily solved. You need three baskets: for your bright clothes, dark clothes and white clothes.

Label these in the laundry room, so that whoever comes to drop their clothes off, knows exactly where each piece will go.

Try Presoaking

Presoaking your dirty clothes considerably reduces the amount of time you spend on laundry. It loosens dirt and stains to make cleaning easier and faster. After these stains are removed, all you have to do is scrub.

Freeze Those Jeans

Every time you send the jeans for a spin, they shrink, and the quality of the fiber deteriorates. A time-saving and yet effective technique would be to freeze your jeans.

This may sound strange, but it has proven to work. All you have to do is fold your jeans, enclose them in a plastic bag and toss them in the freezer. This will get rid of bacteria, grime and the smell. However, this method cannot remove stains, such as those acquired by spilling tea.

larundry-socksThe Age Old Problem of Lost Sock

The problem of lost sock is as old as the laundry itself. There is always this one sock that is missing from the pair.

The issue can be resolved when buying them. Having very different types of socks, as in different colors and different designs, will help you find them easily.

Make it Systematic

Being thorough and systematic while doing laundry will not only save you time, but will also ensure that things go smoothly. For instance, you can have a separate bucket of clean water, and another one of soapy water to keep things flowing.

Make Use of Shaving Cream, No Kidding!

You might not have thought about it; but your shaving cream may have different uses as well. It can kill off stubborn stains from clothing items. Just apply it to the affected area and after some time, scrub it. The stain will be removed with minimum of effort.

Still not comfortable doing the laundry? Using a professional laundry and dry cleaning services can be a good option.

First Dry Clean is a full-service laundry and dry cleaning app that ensures you have your clothes cleaned and delivered to you within 48 hours. Download the app here.


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