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dry-cleaning-service-1Due to the various factors attached to the simple task of doing laundry (washing machine, hot water, electric dryer, quality detergent), washing our clothes can take a large amount of money from your budget. Dry cleaning service sounds great but also sound pricey, doesn't it?

So wouldn’t it be better if we could spend less than that amount of money on a Charlotte laundry service that would provide us with better results for a good price?

In simple words, yes!

Affordable Dry Cleaning Services-Price and Advantages

Since you’re here at First Dry Clean, we’d first like to commend you for making the right choice for your laundry service.

Available for all customers in Charlotte, NC; First Dry Clean offers affordable dry cleaning services. Because we know how difficult it can be to get your household work done nowadays, we provide pick and drop services as well. All you have to do download the First Dry Clean app; make an order and we take it from there.

First Dry Clean Pricing

To us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority for providing our dry cleaning service.

Because we know how taxing it can be to waste so much money on the trip to and from your local dry cleaners and on the service itself, we have tried our best to make our dry cleaning services more affordable for you.

When ordering at First Dry Clean, you won’t have to worry about any monthly or hidden fee. The app itself is free as well so the only money you’ll be spending when using our app would be for the order itself.

In addition, any orders that you would want picked up and dropped off would only cost $4.99. However, if you end up with an order that exceeds $30, that charge becomes moot. As said, we want to offer affordable pickup and delivery dry cleaning and laundry services. So with an order above $30, we wouldn’t want you to spend any more cash on pick and drop services if you’re already dropping a large sum on the order.

Dry Cleaning Service Availability

dry-cleaning-service-2So far, First Dry Clean is only available for residents in North Carolina, NC. However, thanks to the success of our business, we shall soon be expanding our network to customers in Washington, DC and New York City as well.  If you dont find your city name here, please leave your city name through contact us pageto us so we can spread our dry cleaning service to you soon.

The goal of our dry cleaning and laundry business is to offer a fast and consistent laundry service that would ultimately satisfy our customers. Download our app and try our dry cleaning services today.


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