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Looking for a dry cleaner in Charlotte to take care of your laundry? Look no further. We come to you to pick up and delivery your laundry at the affordable price.

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Use our free dry cleaning app whenever you need. Don't worry about monthly fee or long term commitment.

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First Dry Clean Charlotte Service Area

Great Charlotte, Ballantyne , Pineville , Matthews, Indian Trail, Weddington and more.

Life’s too short to spend it at the dry cleaner

Laundry and dry cleaning prices

Laundry and dry cleaning is not just a hassle, it can be expensive too. At First Dry Clean, we strive to combine efficiency with affordability.

We provide high quality dry cleaning along with laundry pickup and delivery services at low prices. No matter what your budget is, our quick and efficient service is guaranteed to cater to your budget.

In addition, we can pickup and deliver all types of garments for dry cleaning and laundry. From casual and formal to household items, we can take care of all your garments.

We are available 24/7 at your service. Check out our affordable dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery service charges online.


Shirt Office: $1.99 (Laundry)

Shirt DC: $5.25

Blouse: $5.25

Polo Shirts:$5.00


Suit Vest: $4.00

Sports Jacket: $6.00

Jacket: $7.00

Pea Coat ¾ cost: $13.00

Down Coat:$13.00


Dress Short:$9.00

Dress Long:$11.00

Dress Formal Fancy:$18.00

Lab Coat:$8.00






Khaki Pants: $5.50 (Laundry  or  Dry Clean)

Jeans:$5.50 (Laundry or Dry Clean)



Skirt Pleated:$6.00


Comforter (Twin/Full Size) :

Laundry-$20.00/ Dry Clean:$26.00

Comfort( Queen/ King Size):

Laundry:$26.00/ Dry Clean: $30.00

Blanket (Dry Clean only)

Small: $12.00

Medium: $20.00

Large: $24.00

Sheet: 10.00


Suit Top: $5.50

Suit Bottom: $5.50

Suit Vest: $4.00

Uniform Top: $5.50

Uniform Bottom: $5.50

Pajama Top: $3.50

Pajama Bottom:$3.50

 Wash & Fold

Regular Laundry: $1.6/pound ( Min: 10 pounds)

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