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Who has the time to spend laundering their dirty clothes, left in the hamper after a hectic and work-filled week? People are increasingly turning to professional dry cleaning and laundering services for a reason! Offering convenience and great service, professional dry cleaners have become an important requisite for hardworking individuals. Still, finding the best laundry and dry cleaning service amongst numerous others can prove to be challenging! Mistakes are made by people searching for the ideal fit. Mistakes that can be avoided:

Mistake #1: Looking At Price Only

Looking at price when choosing a professional dry-cleaning and laundering service in Charlotte is something important but doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a good service. Think about it: is it wise to deal with a dry cleaner that offers lowest price for value? Considering the quality and worth of garments that are usually given to the dry cleaners! Yes, looking at price of the service is important however you shouldn’t overlook overall value and quality of service. In fact, refer to the following formula when looking for the best dry cleaning and laundry service.


Quality + Service + Price = Value

Mistake #2: Not Asking For Referrals

This mistake can become an incredibly grave one. People don’t ask for referrals when choosing a professional service, which leads to selecting the wrong service. If there is anyone who can inform you of a particular service, it’s a previous customer. Happy and satisfied (with the service) customers will narrate good things while customers who have experienced bad service will only have bad things to say.

Mistake #3: Thinking All Dry-Cleaners Are the Same

Think back to the last time you saw just ‘Dry Cleaner’ written on a store’s front. Not only is this a poor indication of what a service offers to the customer but no professional dry cleaning service in their right mind will carry on with this marketing strategy. Why? Just dry cleaner denotes all such services are the same. No, dry cleaning services are different from one another from the equipment and chemicals used to the specialty services and cleaning processes.

Follow These Tips to Find a Good Dry Cleaning Service


Selecting a good professional dry cleaning and laundering service amongst numerous others in your area is very easy and simple. Just make sure to:

Look For a Local Service


There are chain dry cleaning operations in the dry cleaning industry, just like in the restaurant world. Such operations are mostly concerned with making a larger margin of profit in a community or area. Additionally, these operations also rarely offer the same quality of service provided by local dry cleaning businesses.


Search for a dry cleaner that boasts of decades or at least some years of experience catering their services to your community. An established reputation for quality and reliability is also just as important. Charlotte dry cleaning prices can vary as well.

Seek Out Reviews

The internet is a great place to find reviews and testimonials about any service you are interested in. People tend to share their experience (good or bad) with a service on social media, online review sites, or even the service’s own website. Look at them! Personal recommendations are also a great way to start your search.


Looking at other services that are offered is also a good way to determine whether a dry cleaner is good or not worth it. First Dry Clean offers customers the convenience of free laundry pickup and delivery, right at their home or office doorstep! This is reason enough to install their Android dry-cleaning app.


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