Tips to prevent fading clothes

When you pick out a new item of clothing to try, there are a few things you might consider: the current season, the fit of the piece of clothing on you, the style and the color. You spend time making sure your outfits accurately represent you and give a great first impression. After you’ve taken the time to choose clothes … Read More

Tips to prevent shrinking clothes

It’s no secret you probably spend a great deal of time picking out your clothes. Your clothes help you express who you are, they help people gain a first impression of you, and they can make you feel powerful or uncomfortable. Like it or not, clothing is a huge part of our lives, and there’s no sense in taking the … Read More

It’s tough to get rid of stains from your work shirts

In this day and age, lines are blurred. A few years ago, men wouldn’t have considered wearing their ‘work shirts’ to formal events or vice versa. Today, there isn’t much difference between both garments. Call them what you like, but shirts are meant to be worn, not worshipped or displayed in your closet. This garment will get dirty. There are … Read More

Removing Stains from polyester and Nylon clothing – The Right Way!

Stain removal is an essential part of clothing care. Quick and on-the-spot stain removal is effective. It keeps clothes in wearable condition for longer, reducing unnecessary clothing costs. There are some stains that are difficult to remove; similarly certain fabrics require different stain removal and care procedures. Whether a garment should be dry cleaned or not is another matter to … Read More